Beyblade-Chromium Surge LogoThis Beyblade, Blizzard Draco C-20-STF, is property of Romneyblader.

Blizzard Draco C-20-STF
Draco beast


Element Water
Direction Of Rotation Left
Owner Max Davis
Spirit Chip Draco II
Armor Wheel Draco
Metal Ring Blizzard
Spin Base 20
Spin Drive Circle
Core STern Flat
First Appearance (Anime) Beyblade: Chromium Surge episode 1
First Appearance (Manga) Beyblade: Chromium Surge Chapter 1
Blizzard Draco is an attack type beyblade from Beyblade: Chromium Surge.

Spirit Chip: Draco II

It represents "Draco". One of the 88 constellations in space. It also resembles the legendary "Ice Dragon". The chip depicts an icy background with a 3D image of an Ice Dragon on it.

Armor Wheel: Draco


Draco is quit good for destabilizing an opponent. It has 3 ice sickles sticking outward from the center but they are curved slightly upwards to destabilize an opponent. This is one of the best armor wheels ever made for attack types. It is white in color with blue painted ice sickles with optional metallic foil stickers that can be applied to the blue stripes.

Attack: 9
Defense: 0.5
Stamina: 2

Metal Ring: Blizzard


Blizzard has multiple rubber "blades" on it to conduct spin steal. It's round shape is actually better for defense than attack. It design is almost identical to the previous blizzard ring from the Flybladez series. The rubber is blue in color.

Attack: 8
Defense: 3
Stamina: 4

Spin Base: 20


This is a basic metal base weighing exactly 20 beyameters. This makes it useful in attack & defense type combos but not so much in stamina.

Attack: 1
Defense: 1
Stamina: 0

Spin Drive: Circle


Circle works vary similar to CF. the spin drive has a large "ring". Around it about the size of the shield on S130. The perpose of the circle is to reach higher parts of the spherical shape of the Chromium Surge Beystadium. In that way, it is also vary similar to a dome spin track. It is one of the most top teir attack based drives. It is white in color.

Attack: 8
Defense: 0.5
Stamina: 0

Core: Stern Flat


STF, is a vary top tier core in a chromium surge stadium. It's shaped more like an XB or GB rather than F but it's basically a slightly rounded flat tip. The purpose of that is so it can move around the stadium in a fast and aggressive manner but still retain good stamina. Thus when spinning, it has a smooth soft sliding like spin pattern. This is do to it's dome like shape. It is a transparent aqua in color.

Attack: 6
Defense: 3
Stamina: 3
Blizzard Draco C-20-STF's Statistics:
Attack Defense Stamina
32 8 9