Beyblade-Chromium Surge LogoThis Beyblade, Cheetah-Lightning H:M, is property of 2662Cl4w5hot.

Cheetah-Lightning H:M is a 4D Speed-Type X-Force Beyblade.

Diamond Face : CheetahEdit

It shows a cheetah with two swords, one slanting to the left, the other to the right. it is very similar to the VariAres motif.

Power Wheel/Weight Wheel: Cheetah-LightningEdit

It has two cheetah heads, each facing left. The heads slant down, like a ramp. It is very good in Upper Smash, due to ramp-like shape. There are lightning bolts designs everywhere. On the left and right. These use the power of the wind to increase speed.

ELEMENT JEWEL It is sky blue. It is a wind element jewel.

4D Drive: H:M (Heavy Momentum)Edit

Heavy Momentum is a special drive. It uses the gyro-core inside it to gain speed and momentum. Also, using the gyroscope can make it move and tilt in crazy ways. It can wobble crazily in place and still survive. It looks like a Final Drive fused with Delta Drive. It also has a TH170 in it.


BES (Bearing Eternal Sharp)

LRXF (Left Rubber Extreme Flat)

XHMB (Xtreme Heavy Metal Ball)